We’re keen to maximise the opportunities afforded by open-access publishing for generating a wide readership and lively debate around published papers. Our blog offers the opportunity to engage with research published in Geo through blog posts written to accompany published journal papers. These may be written by paper authors wishing to draw attention to some key findings, or they may be written by scholars working in similar areas who see an article as a particularly significant contribution to a debate. Through the blog we hope to extend the conversations started in the pages of the journal into lively online debates.

If you have authored a paper in Geo, or have something to say about something you’ve read in Geo, we’d love to hear from you! A blog post can be a way of drawing attention to the topical relevance of an article, of situating it within wider scientific, political, environmental or cultural debates, or of telling some of the story behind the research which might not have made it into the journal article. Writing a blog post can also be a great way for journal authors to reach out to a wider audience, and we encourage contributors to write in an accessible, engaging way. In addition to the wide ranging promotional activities undertaken by our publisher, Wiley, and the RGS-IBG, the Geo blog can help you find new readers for your research.

If you are interested in engaging with research published in Geo by writing a blog post, please contact the Geo Blog Editor, Martin Mahony at Geoblog@rgs.org for more information, or to submit your blog post.

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